Terms of Reference 2008

Draft Terms of Reference provided by Barrie’s Department of Culture, July 2008. Our current Mandate can be found here.

Barrie Arts Advisory Committee

Terms of Reference DRAFT

Name: Barrie Arts Advisory Committee

Type: The Arts Advisory Committee will work in an advisory capacity only, meaning it will offer opinions and make recommendations based on the knowledge and research of the arts committee and specific data the committee has collected from our arts community.

Structure: The Arts Advisory Committee will be composed of seven people. The committee will have an executive that consists of a President, Vice-President and Secretary.

Responsible to: The arts and culture community of Barrie.

Purpose: The purpose of the Arts Advisory Committee is to serve as a liaison between the arts community and the Department of Culture and to advocate for the Barrie arts community at the municipal level and make recommendations to the Department of Culture.

Timeframes, reporting and deadlines:

Initially the Arts Advisory Committee will be required to meet once a month at a date and time that is most convenient to the members of the committee. Once the election of officers is completed the frequency of meetings will be determined by the executive members. The minutes of the meeting will be typed and circulated to the members of the committee and the Department of Culture staff within one week following the meeting. Any specific recommendations that arise in the meeting will need to be typed and forwarded separately to the Director of the Department of Culture. These recommendations will be prioritized by the Arts Advisory in an effort to assist the Department of Culture in recognizing items of the utmost importance to the arts committee.

Composition: The Arts Advisory Committee will be comprised of seven people that will each serve a two year term, except in the case of the first year. After the first year the committee will replace three people and appoint three new people in their place.

Staff Support: One or more staff from the City of Barrie’s Department of Culture will be in attendance of the meetings upon request.

Other Resources: The Arts Advisory Committee will have access to The City of Barrie’s Cultural Plan, City arts policies, and any other policies and plans that the City of Barrie has access to, unless specified confidential. One member of the Arts Advisory Committee will be added to the list serve for the Creative Cities Network, which serves as an excellent resource to the municipalities across the nation.

The Department of Culture staff will work with the Advisory to ensure that they have appropriate meeting space within City Hall or other city facilities, at no cost to the group.

Communication with Staff: Other than receiving a copy of the minutes, communication with the staff will be created through appropriate channels, such as e-mail or phone.

Specific Areas of Responsibility:

  1. Recommendations on Infrastructure – performing arts and visual arts space, opportunities for development that will serve the arts – particularly in the downtown core.
  2. Recommendations on Funding – how we can best support the local arts groups – individual funding or funding partnerships, refining the granting process through criteria, forms etc.
  3. Recommendations on Policy – prioritizing new policies, recommendations on policy components.
  4. Recommendations on Supporting the Arts and Culture Sector – suggestions on potential workshops, information sessions, granting opportunities – anything that assists the local arts groups in building capacity.
  5. Recommendations on Developing Arts Programs – for example artist-in- residence, or live and work housing programs for artists.
  6. Researching Trends – to research what other municipalities are currently undertaking in the way of culture, to look at not only municipal but provincial and national trends in the arts
  7. Advocacy – recommend or suggest ways in which the Department of Culture can best support the arts and advocate for their needs at the municipal level. The group may undertake advocating for the arts at various levels of government on their own accord.